ASC X12 Transactions

EDI BY DESIGN web-based EDI solutions were designed to make EDI as simple as email for small businesses. To make EDI implementation easy, we support ASC X12 EDI transaction sets with our solution and take care of all the necessary work to make these transactions flow between you and your trading partners. Below is some information about X12 EDI document types.

Chartered by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the ASC (Accredited Standards Committee) X12 develops and maintains EDI standards that facilitate electronic data interchange relating to business transactions such as:

  • order placement and processing
  • shipping and receiving information
  • invoicing
  • payment and cash application data
  • and data to and from entities involved in retail, grocery, automotive, energy, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, a variety of supply chains and state and federal governments.

Common X12 EDI Transactions

Need to send barcode labels?

Ready-to-print GS1-128 (UCC 128) barcode shipping labels are generated from B2B EDI services, or from most file formats including CSV, Excel, X-12 and EDIFACT EDI, XML,text and custom format files.