3PL Warehouse EDI Integration

EDI BY DESIGN EDI offers affordable EDI solutions for third party logistics providers with B2B: 3PL Warehouse Edition. Many small businesses outsource warehousing and shipping of product to a 3PL (Third Party Logistics Provider) because 3PL’s are experts at the distribution functions of storage, order fulfillment, and transportation arrangements.

B2B and B2B: 3PL Warehouse Edition integrates and streamlines the order fulfillment process with the 3PL of your choice. It efficiently automates the communication process with your 3PL for order releases you want them to ship and notifications back to you of shipments they send.


Warehouse Shipping Orders you want to release and send to the 3PL are generated from EDI Purchase Orders you have received from your customers, or from Sales Orders you have captured in your accounting system.

The Warehouse Shipping Orders are sent to the 3PL in the electronic format that meets their requirements. The format can be an EDI 940 Warehouse Shipping Order, or a CSV, XML, tab delimited, fixed length or custom file. The Shipping Orders will usually have:

  • Information about your company
  • Delivery date required by your customer
  • Item numbers, descriptions and quantities
  • Ship-to location
  • Transportation carrier stipulations

Shipping Notifications

The 3PL can then automatically communicate back to your company Warehouse Shipping Advices to confirm the shipments have been sent to the destinations you requested and to provide the information necessary for the EDI Advance Ship Notices and EDI Invoices that you need to send to your customer.

The format of the Warehouse Shipping Advices sent by your 3PL can be an EDI 945 Warehouse Shipping Order, or a CSV, XML, tab delimited, fixed length or custom file. The information provided on the Warehouse Shipping Advices from the 3PL typically includes:

  • Information about your company
  • Ship from information
  • Ship to information
  • When the shipment was sent
  • Carrier used and shipping method
  • Carton packing information including item numbers, descriptions, and quantities

B2B for Lower Volumes of Orders & Shipments

For lower volumes of orders and shipments you may want to have your 3PL use our B2B web forms for orders, advance shipping notices, and bar code shipping labels. B2B supports as many users as you need at no extra charge and you can tailor security to allow only the functions you want to permit for the 3PL personnel.