EDI Testing

Complete Self-Service Solution

EDI BY DESIGN provides everything your suppliers need for self-service EDI onboarding and testing.

  • Training videos show an overview of the process and how to use the portal
  • Easy to follow tasks are defined based on your requirements
  • Online help including common FAQ’s and FAQ’s specific to your program

Testing of documents includes the following features:

  • Suppliers can test documents anytime, 24 X 7
  • As many tests as needed can be submitted
  • Validation is based on your EDI guidelines for syntax, content, and business rules
  • Clear and complete error messages
  • Each test attempt is saved for future reference
  • Completion of testing is reported to you and the supplier
  • Supplier can ask questions of you during testing via email or phone at your option



You can see exactly the same portal view as a supplier sees. Easy to follow reporting is available to you and your suppliers:

  • Status by task
  • Status by document type being tested
  • Last task passed and approval to move to production status
  • You can see status by task that shows errors supplier is making

Summary reports for program management include:

  • Suppliers contacted and agreed to test, but no testing done as yet
  • Suppliers in testing
  • Suppliers who have been in testing mode for more than a specified amount of time
  • Suppliers in production
  • Suppliers who refuse to participate

Reports can be run for all suppliers or limited to defined groups of suppliers. Reports can be viewed online or downloaded as a CSV file for importing into Excel.