Netsuite EDI Integration

EDI Solution for NetSuite makes growing your business easier

EDI BY DESIGN EDI's Data Integrator for Netsuite is a comprehensive and simple-to-use solution designed to make EDI efficient for small businesses.

Data Integrator enables you to:

  • Quickly become compliant with any EDI customer’s requirements while directly integrating EDI transactions with any version of NetSuite
  • Save time and eliminate manual key entry of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) purchase orders, Advance Ship Notices (ASN’s) and invoices
  • Deliver customer satisfaction by having the capability to quickly and accurately process thousands of orders, shipments and invoices per month
  • Avoid costly charge-backs through ease of use and validation of transactions
  • Grow your businesses efficiently by optionally interfacing with 3PL’s, warehouses, inventory systems, and shipping provider’s systems such as UPS Worldship and Federal Express.


EDI purchase orders can be interfaced with NetSuite anytime 24 X 7. Purchase order information such as item, quantity, price, date for shipment, PO date, and more are imported. Orders can be printed. Order notifications can be sent to as many people as needed. Any kind of EDI order is supported.

EDI orders can be interfaced into NetSuite as sales receipts, sales orders, or as invoices. Order fulfillment is facilitated by support of UPC, SKU, buyer item number, and seller item numbers.


Advance Ship Notices (ASN’s) and the associated GS1-128 (formerly known as UCC-128) barcodes shipping labels, packing slips, branded packing slips for drop ship suppliers, and pick lists are included. ASN fields are auto-filled from the purchase order and common fields are pre-set with default values. Extensive validation is designed to catch errors that cause charge backs.

Barcode shipping labels and packing slips can be printed on any printer.


Invoices are auto filled with data from purchase orders, and if applicable, ASN’s. Extensive validation is designed to catch errors and prevent charge backs.

Any type of EDI invoice is supported. Multiple invoices can be created automatically from multiple orders. If needed, purchase order lines can be split into multiple lines on invoices.


Order, ASN and invoice summary listings are available and can be filtered and sorted. Confirmation of ASN receipt and invoice receipt is available online to confirm EDI customers have received transactions that have been sent.

Any EDI transaction type

Any EDI transaction type required by an EDI customer is supported including purchase order, ASN, invoice, purchase order change, purchase order acknowledgment, planning schedule, product activity report, inventory inquiry, order inquiry, transportation document, distribution document, logistics document, remittance advices, warehouse order, warehouse shipping notice, and functional acknowledgment.

Any Industry

EDI compliance with customers in any industry is supported including retail, grocery, pharmacy, healthcare, automotive, shipping and transportation, industrial, wholesale / distribution and trucking solutions.

What do I need?

There is no software or hardware to worry about. Except for a one-time NetSuite interface download, EDI BY DESIGN EDI solution is web-based so it frees you from concerns about software installation, maintenance, updates and testing.

Use any PC or Mac. View orders on a smart phone. EDI BY DESIGN EDI runs on secure servers accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Value Added Network (VAN) and AS/2 communication with your EDI business partners are included.

Forget about complicated technology headaches – EDI BY DESIGN EDI staff and smart technology manage your EDI requirements so you can focus on your business.


Online help provides fast answers to virtually any question. Even EDI customer specific instructions are included. Self-paced training videos provide training anytime that you or new employees need it. On-line EDI best practices provide the benefit of EDI BY DESIGN EDI’ experience with thousands of EDI implementations since 1999.

Phone and email support are provided by experienced professionals who understand your customers’ requirements and are located in the United States.

Satisfaction guarantee

EDI BY DESIGN EDI has been providing excellent EDI service since 1999 and is trusted by thousands of clients in the United States, Canada and around the world.

No long term contract is required. All clients have month-to-month agreements because great service and industry leading solutions are the keys to retaining satisfied clients.


All you need is an internet connection. EDI BY DESIGN EDI takes care of the rest and makes “EDI as simple as email.

Our web-based EDI services are as affordable as a cell phone. All services are scalable to your specific needs.

EDI BY DESIGN EDI provides an affordable web-based EDI solution that improves order, shipping, and billing efficiency.

Everything you need is included in a simple-to-use solution.

We invite you to contact us if you would like our assistance in determining which EDI solution is the best value for your company. It's also a practical way for you to get to know us, and for us to get to know you.