Supplier Enablement


EDI BY DESIGN has features experience with thousands of EDI implementations. The entire supplier onboarding process can be customized to the needs of your company.

  • The portal view for your suppliers can be configured to have your logo and web site color scheme.
  • Suppliers are guided through a step-by-step process which greatly reduces calls and emails to your in-house edi supplier enablement  team
  • Any X-12 or EDIFACT document type you need is supported
  • FAQ’s and training videos explain the process
  • All of your required EDI document types are tested
  • Multiple document flow paths are supported
  • Testing is flexible and powerful enough to test almost any business process using EDI documents
  • Suppliers self-test with far fewer support demands on your EDI team
    • Online testing is available 24 X 7
    • Comprehensive 3 levels of testing
      • 1. X-12 or EDIFACT syntax compliance,
      • 2. Content testing against your guidelines
      • 3. Business rules testing against your guidelines
    • Immediate online test results provided
    • Easy-to-understand error messages enable suppliers to do their own troubleshooting
    • Suppliers can re-test at anytime, even after being moved to production status. For example they may want to retest if they change their system or have errors.
  • You can follow supplier progress through an administration portal with “drill down” EDI reporting capability
  • Complete line-of-sight visibility allows monitoring supplier status in real time and viewing specific tasks such as test result details.