Supplier Benefits

EDI BY DESIGN accelerates your in-house supplier EDI compliance testing and increases the number of suppliers onboarded.

  • Reduces the number of supplier communications with the EDI department, buyers, accounts payable, and warehouse management
  • Increases the number of suppliers tested per month
  • Increases accuracy of testing
  • Increases efficiency of testing
  • Reduces the cost of compliance testing
  • Increases capabilities without adding additional staff
  • Frees up staff resources to do other tasks instead of having to do manual testing and communication


Thorough Testing Means Accurate Production Data

EDI capable suppliers are thoroughly tested against your guidelines. Consequently, the accuracy of the production data of your company and your suppliers is high. Optionally, the stream of production data can also be tested. Accurate data supports efficient supply chain processes from order communication through shipping and invoicing.


Reduced Costs

Compliance costs are reduced for your suppliers because it is faster and easier to test. Here is how:

  • Easy to understand tasks and next steps
  • Easy testing with real-time feedback that clearly explains errors
  • Past test submissions are viewable
  • Easy access to the hub’s EDI specifications

And there are no testing fees for suppliers to pay!